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The Daily Plan – Scheduling Tool

Today, I want to share with you a tool I use to help me with my daily planning and scheduling. Planners are great and all, but I need more than just a play by play of my day. I need a break down of what I actually need to do and accomplish. I’m also a crazy note jotter so I need a lot of space to to have my notes organized. This is something you can fill out the night before to keep you on task for the following day. Because I think this is such a great tool, I’m including it as a free printable download.

How To Use The Daily Plan


In the top left you can feel free to circle the day of the week and write the date below it for future reference.

| H2O |

Keep track of how many glasses of water you’re drinking each day

| B | L | D |

Make a note of what you plan on making for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

| F |

Hold yourself accountable to your fitness goals by committing to what you will be working on.

| To Do |

Make a list of what you need to do for the day.

| Daily Tasks |

Maybe you need to wake up at a certain time, you want to try out a specific makeup look, or today is your exfoliant day – here you would put reminders for daily tasks.

| 5 Most Important Things |

What are the 5 most important tasks for the day? Pull them from your to do list, goals, events, daily tasks, etc. Make your number 1 priority the hardest task on your list.

| Purchase |

This isn’t a grocery list, but just a place to quickly add a reminder for you to get something you need that you can collectively add to a grocery list before you go to the store. Maybe you ran out of shampoo this morning and you need to pick some up after work.

| Events |

Whether it’s work, a doctor’s appointment, or lunch with a friend, you can remind yourself of those important meetings here.

| Goals |

List the tasks that will help you towards your weekly goal or tasks that help you meet your daily goal. Run 5 miles? Write it down. Complete two pages for your term paper due Thursday? Write it down.

| Notes |

For anything else you can think of, doodles, the phone number of someone you met, what have you.

Hope this could be a smart and effective tool for you to use to be more productive in your daily schedule and working towards your goals. You can download The Daily Plan here.

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