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Nikon vs. Canon

It’s the raging battle of the brands when it comes to preference in the photographic community. For the past ­­­­seventy-three years it’s been between two rivals: Canon and Nikon. Although Nikon came before Canon, Canon is giving Nikon a run for its money. When it comes down to it, who wins? Which one is really better and which do people prefer? If you’re hearing voices from both sides trying to influence your purchase, how can you tell which one you should listen to?

Most people tend to have experience with only one of the cameras and when someone is hooked on their brand and are happy with it, they don’t want to give the other brand a chance. After all, why would they if they are already content with their preference?

The people around us are the most influential. If you were raised with Canons or are around people who use Nikons, you are going to adapt to liking that brand over the other. It’s what you’re used to and it’s familiar territory. However, media also impacts the decision with their many commercials and celebrity spokespeople.

Before automatically adapting to the cameras being used around you, test the choices. Don’t just take the red pill or the blue pill randomly because you like its color or it’s what someone is telling you to take. Do research and try the cameras out for yourself.

Even though the quality of the brand and the features of the particular cameras play a large role in the decision being made, there are other factors that are involved as well. One of the most influential is the numbers that show up on the price tag. Of the two, Canon is usually the more expensive one.

The reason for why the camera is being purchased impacts the decision also. Some buy cameras for photo shoots, to snap action shots, scenic views, or even to capture memories with friends and family. Depending on what the camera is being used for can determine whether Canon or Nikon is the better choice.

As a photographer myself, I was once looking into purchasing one of these brand name cameras. Everyone around me had equal experience with both brands and after doing research they both seemed like great options. Sometimes you just have to go out on a whim and hope your choice is the best one with the knowledge you’ve already obtained. After hearing more about Nikon, I had planned on going that way also, but then I realized if I was going to spend that much money on such an expensive product I should look into my other options – especially Canon. I’ve discovered that most people purchase based on their emotions rather than on logic. In a case such as this, when a large sum of money is being spent, why wouldn’t you want to find out more about the camera you’re looking into purchasing? Even after researching though, there is no real conclusion.

As much as I’d like to tell you which one is better, I can’t. There is no definitive answer. They are very similar in quality and the two brands are fabulous in their own ways. It really is dependent upon personal preference. There are people varied equally from side to side. Just like Pepsi and Coke, although both taste exactly the same to me, some enjoy the taste of one over the other. You have to base your purchase on the features you want, the quality you’re looking for, price range, and what it is you’re looking to do with the camera. This rivalry is always going to exist because everyone has had their own experience with the two brands. It’s up to the buyer to experiment and discover which side they’re going to support. The red pill or the blue pill? Pepsi or Coke? Nikon or Canon?

I can’t say whether I’d choose Pepsi or Coke let alone the red pill or the blue pill, but I can tell you that when I was making my decision, I chose Nikon. I became an Ashton Kutcher dream girl that day. Not really, but I joined the the promotional team! I love my Nikon D3000! I’m sure if I had a Canon I would love it just as much because it’s … a camera! Maybe someday I will add a Canon to my collection, but for now Nikon is my go-to.

What made me choose Nikon? I heard it was easy to navigate. I compared the picture quality and crispness to Canon and preferred Nikon. It was also cheaper when taking into account all of the lenses I’d need to invest in. My only regret? I wish I went the next  step up and got the Nikon D3100 so I could shoot video. Whatever side you lean towards, I wish you the best of luck in your purchase!

Check out the latest photo shoot I shot with my Nikon D3000!

xo Amanda

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