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Mulled Cider Lip Scrub

Every gal needs a seasonal fall lip scrub to switch it up when shes getting her exfoliation on! Check out this recipe to D.I.Y. a mulled cider lip scrub to keep you in fall spirit or to package up as gifts for the upcoming giving season.


Coconut Oil - 2tbs
Honey - 1tbs
Brown Sugar - 1tbs
Orange Essential Oil - 2 drops
Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil - 1 drop
Clove Essential Oil - 1 drop
Nutmeg Essential Oil - 1 drop

Mix it all together making sure that the coconut oil is melting. You can melt the coconut oil on the stove prior or use the friction of mixing to melt it. 

Once you've mixed it together you can easily spoon it into a little container or jar and you are all set!

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