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Are you a savvy business owner or a die hard customer?

The facts...

SeneGence Cosmetics are “cosmeceuticals” produced in a pharmaceutical grade lab. That’s exactly WHY we attract professionals and celebrities alike! We have style bloggers, boutique owners, hair salons, plastic surgeons, makeup artists, and dermatologist. Additionally, successful business women and stay-at home-moms are taking these incredible products to new heights while giving them financial freedom, trips, and free cars!

  • Only $55 to become a wholesale distributor.
  • Purchase exactly what you need for your shop
  • No Minimums
  • Earn up to 50% profit margin immediately upon each sale, no waiting for a commission check.
  • LipSense is a highly consumable product that will bring repeat buyers often!
  • There is a large need for what LipSense offers and it’s unique as there is nothing like it on the market.
  • LipSense is a great anchor product to bring new customers to your shop.
  • Interested in earning residual income in addition to the 50% profit margin, you can do that too!

Many boutiques, salons, lifestyle blogs, and makeup studios around the US, Canada, and Australia are carrying LipSense. The Senegence products are taking the world by storm and with celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Anniston wearing LipSense it’s no surprise.

Now is an excellent time to start carrying LipSense as the profit margin is second to none.  Shop owners can bank up to 50% profit margin on Senegence products immediately upon each sale.  Upon advertisement that you are now carrying the LipSense line, these products are great anchors to bring new customers into your shop as well as current LipSense consumers looking for a place to try before they buy!

Many boutique owners can tell you with transparency that a 50% profit margin, coupled with a highly consumable product that people are obsessed with is a NO BRAINER.

As a wholesale account you will have the ability to order your products online any time of day 24/7 in the comfort of your home or shop.  I will be with you every step of the way and can assist you with top sellers, and will give you insight into what is working for other salons and boutiques currently.

Ready to carry LipSense?

Can’t wait to start ordering LipSense for your Boutique or Salon?  You can click the button below to start getting product at wholesale now! I encourage you to message me before you place your first order, or allow me to give you insight so that you get the highest profit margin for your business!

I’m excited to have you on board!
Amanda Rodden
Sponsor # 288783