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Are you a first time buyer?

You need a LipKit !

A LipKit comes with...

Color of Your Choice

Gloss of Your Choice

Ooops! Remover

Why do I need a LipKit?

You will get the best, long lasting results by using these three products. Our colors molecularly bond to your lips and require our gloss to cure the color. Our colors and glosses have to be used hand in hand together as other glosses will break down the color and it won't last as long. Our remover seamlessly breaks down the color for easy removal and has a touch up applicator for any mistakes. First time buyers need all three products for product application and removal, however can purchase colors, glosses, and remover a la carte after their initial LipKit is purchased. 




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Some things to keep in mind...

  • First time buyers should have a color, gloss, and remover selected.
  • If you want a color immediately, please select one of the ones I have in stock, however if there's one you are dying to have I can add you to the waiting list for that color as my stock is constantly rotating.
  • It is best to start off with Glossy Gloss for your first gloss as it is the most moisturizing.  
  • Sales tax will be added to your order.
  • It is $3.00 for shipping.
  • I only ship within the USA.

Once I receive your message, I will send you an invoice by email. If there's any problem or question I have with your order, I will contact you.


Apple CiderAussie RoseBeige ChampagneBellaBlu-RedBombshellBravoCaramel AppleCaramel LatteCocoaDark PinkDawn RisingFire-N-IceFirst LoveFly GirlKiss for a CauseLexie BerryLuv ItMauve IceMulled WineNapaNudeNutmegPersimmonPink ChampagnePlumPlum PrettyPlumeriaPomegranatePraline RosePrecious TopazPurple ReignRoseBerrySamonSheer BerryStrawberry Shortcake

GlossyMattePearlSandOpalOrchidRoseBougainvilleaGold GlitterSilver GlitterPink GlitterLip Balm

Ooops! Remover