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Boss Babe [bos beyb]

A woman who owns her own business. As a center of influence, she knows what she wants and goes for it. She's in charge of her life and makes no apologies or excuses for who she is.

SeneGence Cosmetics are “cosmeceuticals” produced in a pharmaceutical grade lab. That’s exactly WHY we attract professionals and celebrities alike! We have Style Bloggers, Boutique Owners, Hair salons, plastic surgeons, Makeup Artists, and dermatologists. Additionally, successful business women and stay-at-home moms are taking these incredible products to new heights while giving them financial freedom, trips, and free cars!

  • Only $55 To Get Started
  • No Monthly Requirements
  • No Minimums
  • No Auto-Ships
  • Highly Consumable, Unique Products
  • Earn Free Trips
  • Earn a Free Car
  • Tax Write-Off
  • Girlfriends
  • Realistic Incentives
  • Freedom to tailor this lip biz around you!

If you are passionate about cosmetics and skincare, you will rock this business! Now is the time to get involved as there are less than 200,000 distributors worldwide.  I would love to have you on my team! You will receive unlimited support via phone and email, team graphics, incentives, and resources and training opportunities to take your lip biz to the next level.  Most importantly you will gain a group of friends that you can do life with, that will cheer you on and be such an encouragement to your life. If you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. This opportunity that Senegence has graciously shared with us will bless you as it has my family and countless others.

If this business is tugging at your heartstrings like it did mine, please reach out to me as I would love to help and share with you some specific information on how to jump start your business. 

Now is the Time

“Momentum happens once in a company. Its lasts about 5-7 years and it’s the point in growth where LEGACY money is made. You’re in momentum when your company is growing at hyper speed and once it’s over it’s OVER. It doesn’t happen again. If you’ve built an organization during this time it’s safe to say your residual income will have you set for life. 
Ours. Just. Started. See the “get in here arrow?” Yeah, that’s us.”

Leslie Boyd-Bradley always says, “If you don’t, someone else will.” She is SO right. This business is almost like a rat race. Do you all want it as badly as I do? Are you ready to lose all reservations? What’s the worst thing that could happen? You’ll have a killer discount on some amazing makeup?”

What state do you live in? There is so much potential as a distributor and for this amazing product. Senegence is not an over saturated market while most other MLM companies have millions of representatives.   

Ready to get started?

Are you so excited and can’t wait to sign up?  You can click the button below to start getting product at wholesale Now! I encourage you to message me before you place your first order, or allow me help you get your first order paid for with no out of pocket costs!  Lots of ladies started in this business without any out of pocket on their orders!  It’s incredibly realistic too!

I’m excited to have you on board!
Amanda Rodden
Sponsor # 288783