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So you want to ‘host a post’, eh? Well, Good Morning, Lovely would love your contribution.


  • Posts must fit with the style, beliefs and message Good Morning, Lovely conveys.
  • There should be at least one high quality and tasteful photograph related to subject matter to accompany post.
  • Posts should be coherent, thoughtful, and free of grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Posts should answer the question, “how can the reader benefit from this post?”
  • Posts should be fresh with new content.
  • Post must not violate any copyright laws.
  • Posts should have enough to leave reader feeling satisfied, but never full and never starved. In other words, no novels or Tweets.


  • makeup
  • skin care
  • tutorials
  • DIYS
  • recipes
  • devotionals and life inspiration
  • life hacks or advice to help with emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual health
  • all natural health and beauty products


Email the following to amanda@goodmorninglovely.com:

  • Killer title that is going to turn heads
  • Beautiful post that has been edited and proof read
  • Striking image(s) as attachments and indication of where they should be placed in post
  • A little bit about your lovely self such as your name (of course!), where you’re from, what you like to do in your free time, and perhaps even what your favorite breakfast food is (mine is granola)
  • Why did you choose to write and submit this post? What do you anticipate Good Morning, Lovely’s readers will walk away with after reading your post?
  • A link to your little corner of the internet and the two pieces of published writing you’re most proud of

Posts will be reviewed and if content meets the guidelines will be either personally edited by Good Morning, Lovely to fix minor issues (grammar, spelling, linking, photo compression, headings, layout design etc) if need be before being published or returned to be fine tuned before publication.

Look forward to hearing from you & can’t wait to see what your creative vision brings to our table! xoxo