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Smokey Fall Eyes and Gold Glitter Cocoa Lips

I use MakeSense Advanced Anti Aging Foundation in the shade Dewy. Message me to help color match you!

Once you've applied your foundation you are going to need Candlelight, Snow, Moca Java, Mulberry, and Garnet ShadowSense. 

  1. Use Candlelight as a concealer. With it's peachy tint, it will cover up any blues or darkness in your skin especially under your eyes.
  2. Use Snow as a highlighter to brighten up underneath your eyes. This is especially helpful for any puffiness or bags to help brighten up those shadows and give the illusion that they aren't there. If you want a full contour, use it to also brighten the bridge of your knows, the center of your forehead, your cupid's bow, and the face of your chin.
  3. Use Moca Java for contouring the hollows of your cheeks, your jawline, and the perimeter of your forehead. The shape you are making is a 3.
  4. Use Mulberry on the apples of your cheeks for blush.
  5. For redheads or dark brown-haired beauties, use Garnet for filling in your brows. For blonde bombshells, use Moca Java and for black-haired babes, use Onyx. For the perfect combo, you can mix the three as needed. 

Now for the eyes! You will need Moca Java Shimmer, Smoked Topaz, Garnet, Onyx, Pink Opal Shimmer ShadowSense, and Black LashSense.

  1. Use Moca Java Shimmer in your crease and pull it out toward your brow bone.
  2. Use Smoked Topaz as the base on your lid.
  3. Use Garnet in your crease to darken it up pulling it toward the outer corner, but not as far as you brought Moca Java Shimmer out.
  4. Use Onyx to line your bottom lashline/waterline.
  5. Blend Onyx into your bottom lash line with Smoked Topaz. 
  6. Go back in with Smoked Topaz on the base of your lid to add more green. 
  7. Add a pop of Pink Opal Shimmer to the inner corner of your eyes and in the center of your lid.
  8. Coat top and bottom lashes in LashSense mascara
  9. Clean up the edges of your shadows with Foops! Remover for a cleaner look.

Apply a thin layer of Cocoa LipSense, wait 10 seconds for it to dry, apply a second and third layer waiting for it to dry in between then apply glossy gloss to cure.

For a little more sparkle, pop some gold glitter gloss in the center of your lips and rub them together.

Fall Lip Colors: Mulled Wine

This gorgeous, vampy red is everything you want. I love wearing this color on it's own for a beautifully edgy dark wine lip that has the class of a red and the boldness of a berry. Additionally, Mulled Wine is the best to layer with when you want a classic red tone darkened up and enriched. 

Mulled Wine adds color to a black ensemble without being too shockingly bright. It's a classic, romantic, and seductive shade for date nights and formal affairs. This wine color pairs well with camo greens and burgundys as well. Cheers to beautiful, lasting fall lips! Want to try Mulled Wine for yourself? Click here.

Fall Lip Colors: Cocoa

You're at your favorite coffee shop sipping on a caramel macchiato and brooding over the romance in the Charlotte Brontë novel you are currently reading. It's the weekend and you wanted to get out of the house, but didn't actually want to do something. Cocoa is your lip color of choice. It's neutral enough to not feel committed, but it's enough to make a statement and keep you pulled together. The gorgeous red undertones keep the color grounded reminding you the leaves are falling outside.

Cocoa is the missing piece to tying your outfit's ensemble together. You don't have to worry about conflicting colors with this natural, warm brown. Its red hints drive it away from being a stark, unflattering, dark brown. It's a pleasant surprise that will dress up a makeup look or add the finishing touch. Try it with a matte gloss for a completely different look! Want Cocoa for yourself? Click here.

Fall Lip Colors: Napa

Napa is a sweet, berry color that stays true to its berry roots, but is modern enough to incorporate some red undertones. Different skin tones will bring out more of the red while on others it may pull more purple. This is a must have for anyone who loves berries, but doesn't want something as dark as Plum.

I like to think of Napa as your companion on a weekend getaway to a vineyard for wine tasting. It's the kind of color that makes you feel pretty when you wear it. Fitting to be paired with burgundys, berries, and deep greens.

The lovely Napa! A very feminine, wine colored berry that still gives you a leg up on fall without going uncomfortably dark. For my eye look today I used Moca Java Shimmer, Garnet, Mulberry and Pink Opal Shimmer - and of course Onyx for liner. Click here to try Napa for yourself.

Fall Lip Colors: Nutmeg

Oh, Nutmeg ... you are the e"pit"ome of fall. A gorgeous shimmering brown with orange and red undertones. It's the mature older cousin to Persimmon that screams stylish and professional. Trendy and sophisticated. And might I add totally in season come fall. It's the pumpkin spiced latte of LipSense colors, but to share with you a secret - you can wear this year round!

You might be surprised, but Nutmeg is so complimentary that it can be worn with most colors and outfits. With an orange base, it is easily paired with other warm colors and being opposite on the color wheel of blue it will compliment by making both colors pop. Since orange is in nature related more to brown and this color contains a brown element, it still has a natural coloring to it as well making it a perfect choice.

Nutmeg pulls more red on me with my hair and with the scarf I'm wearing. Its undertones can favor orange, red, and brown and can pull toward the ones that you are wearing. Either way, the result is gorgeous! If you'd like to try Nutmeg, click here.

Fall Lip Colors: Nude

👢Nude is for sure a Kylie Lip Kit dupe. It's an opaque, matte, neutral color that is chill and classy 💁‍♀️for those days when you want something laid back and not over the top. Nude is the equivalent of a nice, warm cup of tea or coffee. It's a comfy fit for your lips.

You can wear this color with anything as it can help give you a more finished makeup look for a casual, everyday outfit and yet with something more fancy it will never overpower what you are already wearing. It gives you the ability to dazzle with your threads instead. Click here to try Nude for yourself.

Fall Lip Colors: Persimmon

If I'm being honest, I will say I had no idea what to expect when I first saw this color. It looked WAY too orange for me. I was blown away when I tried it on. It's not bright like I was thinking it was going to be. It's a muted orange so it has this vintage vibe to it and it ended up filling a cosmetic void I never knew was there. Definitely one of my favorite fall go-tos!

Persimmon is a totally underrated swiss army knife that can be super versatile. It can give you that pop of color while still being subtle. This color works great to pull out any oranges in an outfit as well as contrast against lighter and darker colors, and will pop with blues (like denim!!). I love the idea of pairing it with a casual, denim jacket and a fall, floral dress that has pops of orange in it as well as an edgy, vintage, rock tee and a black, leather jacket. Click here to try Persimmon for yourself.

What’s the Deal with ‘Direct Sales’ and ‘Multi-Level Marketing’ Companies?


Do you get easily annoyed by your friends or family who invite you to parties from direct sales companies? You feel super awkward because you’re not interested in the product so you either make up an excuse as to why you can’t go or you feel obligated to go and end up purchasing something you never really wanted in the first place just to help your friend out? Or maybe you have a friend who has signed up to sell from one of these companies and you’re constantly getting notifications or messages from them about purchasing products or about joining their team. Has this made you hate direct sales and MLM/network marketing companies? If so, I get it. I’m both the person who has been super frustrated with direct sales for all of those same reasons AND has done them. Let me explain the real underlying reason why you don’t like direct sales though … it’s the same reason why you should love it. Stick with me here.

All of these different companies offer an opportunity – given, some are better opportunities than others – that make it easier and more affordable for an everyday person to become an entrepreneur and own their own business. These companies allow you to get wholesale product that you can sell (which is really helpful if you personally use the product – yay discounts!), a compensation plan that allows you to potentially get paid VERY well based on the fact that you are training people, and gives you a community that shares a common ground making it easy to develop friendships and be surrounded by successful people who can build you up and give you impeccable training to reach the same goals that have gotten them where they are. Not only that, but these companies tend to offer perks. The one I am part of, for example, allows you to earn a car and go on trips. Furthermore, some of the perks of owning your own business allow you to write off business expenses, work from home or anywhere you’d like, and plan your schedule around your personal life. For those who want to own a business, it completely cuts out the overhead that comes from a brick and mortar shop. 

85% of millionaires are self-made and 82% of women who make over $100,000/year do it through a home-based business. These companies offer a stellar opportunity for people to take control of their circumstances and give themselves choices in their life AND the beauty is this opportunity can be whatever you make of it. If you want to be part of the 85% statistic, you can. If you just want to make $200 extra a month to cover your car payment, you can.

That is why so many people join these companies. These companies allow mamas to stay at home with their babies, college students to have extra pocket money, and gives anyone the ability to make a flexible and rewarding career out of having their own business.

All that said, not everyone is cut out to run a business and not every person that runs their own business will correctly train their downline like they should. This is why so many people start and stop. Typically, they either don’t want to do or can’t handle the work that is necessary to reach certain incentives or their upline didn’t train them well. The other possibility is that a particular company and the person weren’t the best fit for each other.  This happened in my case. Everything about the company was great except there were a few things that didn’t fall in my favor for being successful; I didn’t love the product, I didn’t love one of the stereotypes that surrounded the company, and the training was not modern enough for the kind of business I wanted to run.  

When deciding which direct sales/MLM company is right for you, there are some things you need to consider:

  • Do you love the product?

If you don’t love the product, you [probably] aren’t going to be able to sell it and why would you sell something you don’t love?

  • What does their compensation plan look like?

This is where the big money comes in at. Find the company with the best compensation plan. The strategies are the same everywhere, if you are going to train people you might as well get paid as much as possible for doing it. Work smart – not hard.

  • How many distributors, consultants, representatives are there already for this product?

The household names have been around for years and with them you are more likely to find that someone already knows someone selling those products. Try to find a company that is on the rise with unique products.

  • What is the company environment like?

You probably want a company where the leaders are encouraging, motivational, and inspirational. You want to be surrounded by successful people who are accessible and sharing their ideas to help you get to where they are

  • What are the company’s restrictions and guidelines?

You never know what kind of idea you may have especially with marketing and selling online that may not be in compliance with a company’s terms and conditions.

So it’s annoying and sometimes frustrating to be bombarded with people asking you to buy from them or to join their team, but the majority of them are learning how to have a business for the first time – a business that they are hoping will change their life and give them choices. Talking to the people you know is the first step in getting comfortable reaching out to people you don’t know which is necessary in order to be successful. Not to mention they are probably excited to share some products they love and an opportunity they love with you. You don’t have to love the products and the opportunity may not be right for you, but it’s good to know different options that are out there. After all, isn’t that why we watch YouTube videos and read blogs? People need people. People need each other’s support – and that doesn’t always mean buying from them. We should want to see our friends and family be successful with what they do because we will want the same and need the same thing from them at some point.