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Before I Die…

Since I am now an adult and have my entire life ahead of me (and some of you have been wondering what my plans for life are), I’ve really gotten into forming, tweaking, and adding to my bucket (or basket in this case) list lately. I think it’s important that everyone makes one for himself. It allows you to set goals and make a tangible idea of what you want out of life. They say that it’s more likely to come true if you write it down. For me, it was easy to generate a long list because there is just so much I want to do, but for those of you who aren’t exactly sure what you want out of life this post can guide you in the right direction. For those that are like me, enjoy reading through and maybe you’ll find something you forgot or never thought about adding to your list. There are craft lists, travel lists, couples lists, this and that lists. Some are this year lists and others are before I die lists. Mine just so happen to be a combination of them all. Some are goofy, some are unrealistic, but they are all dreams. If you make it to the end, I will reveal the one accomplishment from my list I have been able to cross off so far.

Create a photography exhibit from my work: I want to create a meaningful photography series that ends up being published in print and/or travels on exhibit.

Go on a mystery train ride: To be a part of a murder mystery would be SO much fun, I think. The only ones I’ve ever heard of are the mystery train rides though.

Grow a bonsai tree: Maybe not grow exactly because I already tried that once and it was very clear to me at the time that I don’t have a green thumb.

Get marriedBecause most everyone wants to find that special someone they can grow old with. January 16, 2016 we tied the knot.

Paint using darts and paint filled balloons: Princess Diaries anyone? Who DIDN’T think this was like the coolest idea ever?

Adopt a Child: I feel this is something that God has placed on my heart that will eventually come to pass.

 Find a four leaf clover: Who doesn’t want good luck?

 Recreate the Beatles cover at Abbey road: I am a die-hard Beatles fan. Need further explanation?

 Go to a drive-in movie: What an experience! (6/7/13)

 Create a Blog: Yay! You’re here 🙂

 Learn how to play guitar: Those that know me have become very aware that I lack any talent whatsoever musically. I can hold a note and that’s about it. I’ve never been able to grasp the musical language of F A C E and  E very  G ood  B oy  D eserves  F udge. It’s funny because there are two pianists in my family, my best friend is an aspiring pianist/piano teacher, and I have quite a few friends in bands. I’m surrounded by musical talent yet I myself am completely incapable. One day though, I will conquer and learn the guitar so that the guitar that’s hanging on my wall can serve its purpose outside decoration. 

Be a film extra: I tried this once. I was a little late on the application process so I went to the scene of the shoot to stalk number 12 and they had all packed up and left :C

Go to an airport and take the first flight out no matter where it’s going: YES MAN!


Travel to Ireland & Kiss the Blarney Stone: I could write a book about this one! Basically, I just have a strong desire and passion to travel to Ireland. I don’t really know why. I’m simply fascinated with the culture and land. On May 15, 2016, I travelled to Ireland with my husband for our honeymoon.

Discover the loch ness monster (see Eilean Donan castle):  It would be so amazing to see the famous castle that’s in movies and stories everywhere, let alone know that while you were there you could have been just one of the many people to catch a glimpse of Nessie.

See if P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney exists (basically just visit Sydney though): I like kangaroos. Giraffes and kangaroos are my favorite :3 What can I say?

Have henna done by Indian women: I want my body covered in that stuff! I want it to be a genuine article from ladies who have done it all their lives. Not really, I just think it would be such a cool experience.

Gloth A W 1-4 (3B)

See The Palais Garnier in Paris: HUGE Phantom of the Opera fan and I would totally geek out if I got to see the place where the story was originated and based off of.

Attend a masquerade: I guess technically I could cross this one off because I have been to a masquerade, but I’m referring to a fancy ball masquerade like one from The Phantom of the Opera.

See Phantom of the Opera on Broadway: In reference to number 24, I think it would be amazing to see this story on stage. After all, it’s one of my top movies.

See Wicked on Broadway: I adore Gregory Maguire’s work. It just sounds so magical and since there hasn’t been a movie released I can’t wait to see it come to life before my eyes.

Get my nose piercedLet’s cross our fingers. THIS one, number 49, has the potential of getting crossed off in the next week … that is unless I chicken out first. (1/9/13)

Write a book: I used to think I was going to be an author one day. After having such a passion for writing and starting so many stories, I want to stick to one and finish it.

Have my own library: I love books and I can’t wait to start growing my personal collection of classics and favorites.

Start a book club: It will bring back memories of high school English class except this time I will get to choose the books being read.

Send a message in a bottle: Not a message just Barbara Eden <I Dream of Jeannie theme song playing in background>

Kiss at the top of a ferris wheelThis is just the sweetest thing and every girl should have this! (2014)

Attach a lock to a love bridge: There are quite a few famous ones over in Europe. Let’s get one going in America! It’s the cutest idea.

Have a paint fight: Like that one scene from 10 Things I Hate About You! I miss Heath Ledger.


Sleep in a castle: I want to be Cinderella for a night! Hopefully, the shoe fits! (5/15/16 – Spent the first night in Ireland at the Clontarf Castle)

Host a tea party: I can’t foresee this coming to pass until I have a little girl of my own, but when I do mark my words, I am breaking out the fancy teacups and we are going all Alice in Wonderland on those cookies.

Dress my child up in a gnome costume: Gnomes are rad and I totally want to take pictures to torture my child with in years to come (just kidding!) Maybe?

Have a Dog Named Gatsby: How can I not? Gatsby is from one of my favorite books in literature, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. What do you think? (9/4/14 is when our little boxer boy was born)

Ride an elephant: Ever since Water for Elephants I want my own pet elephant. What if I ran away with the circus? (Sorry, for all the movie references. There are a lot of them in this post…)

See a narwhal: epic.

Swim with dolphins: They are my friends and it’s a little difficult for us to go on walks.

Explore tidal pools: I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time, but I don’t live near any oceans and rarely get the opportunity to travel to them.

Ride in a hot air balloon during a sunset: Romantic much? Yes. Someday, I will invest in a date like this … or he will :)  

Go on a road trip with friends: Only something that has to be done once in every lifetime.

Give birth to a boy and name him Landon: I always wanted my first born to be a boy and ever since first hearing the name ‘Landon’, I’ve loved it. I gave birth to a little baby boy who we named Landon on October 25, 2016.

Own something by Betsey Johnson: I walk into her store and am so overwhelmed by how much I love everything and then I look at the price tag …

Get a tattoo: I have told myself I must first cross off number 18 before I can cross of number 48 because I want my first tattoo to have a memory of Ireland embedded into it with a shamrock and Proverbs 3:5-6 on the stem. I want it on my ankle even though I hear that really hurts.

and lastly ….

 Ride the Dragster at Cedar Point: It scared me so much to ride the Top Thrill Dragster. I saw it and was like nope, not ever going to do that. I hated roller coasters. They freaked me out. I even had a set of rules: no going upside down, no feet hanging, no extreme angles, and no standing up. Nothing. At the time, the Iron Dragon was more my speed (for you Cedar Point junkies that know what I’m talking about). If you don’t know what the Dragster is it’s a roller coaster at a theme park called Cedar Point that at one point set four new records for being the tallest roller coaster in the world, fastest in the world, having the world’s tallest drop, and being the world’s tallest complete circuit roller coaster. It exceeds 400 feet in height and accelerates to 120 miles per hour in a matter of 4 seconds. Now, you might have an idea of what I’m up against here. It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that I switched from glasses to contacts so to explain my coaster rules I didn’t want to go upside down for fear of losing my glasses. It also freaked me out, but now that I had contacts I had no excuse. I liked wearing flip-flops so I didn’t want my feet dangling because I preferred not to walk around the park barefoot. Solution? Tennis shoes. Extreme angles just made me feel unsafe and standing up sounded completely uncomfortable. (This is still kind of true after actually riding these types of coasters) You will be happy to know that the rules have since gone out the window. I’m pretty open to trying the majority of roller coasters, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy them all. After riding the Dragster, I now know what it feels like to be a ride warrior. I’m never doing it again though.

What is on your bucket list? Do we have any of the same? Let me know in the comments below and happy bucket list-ing!

xo Amanda

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