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5 Key Steps To Being Successful


1. Identify Your Goal

Are you working towards a financially stable income and comfortable lifestyle, losing weight, running a marathon, climbing Mt. Everest? Figure out what you’re doing. Break that goal down into smaller goals and keep doing it until those goals become achievable today instead of x amount months or days down the road. Need help breaking down your goals and creating a plan? Click here.

2. Connect With Your “Why”

Why is this goal important to you? If you don’t get the feels when you answer that question you need to dig deeper until you become so emotionally connected and passionate about why you are working towards that goal that you maintain your stamina to keep pressing forward regardless of the obstacles in your path.

3. Understand Your Personality

Take a D.I.S.C. personality test. It will help you better understand your personality so you know how to motivate yourself. A D personality is motivated by seeing other people achieve that goal and it drives them to achieve it too, an I personality is motivated by rewards and prizes, an S personality is motivated by praise, and a C personality is motivated by stability and routine.

4. Become Self-Disciplined

Start small and build your routine day by day. Stick to your schedule and little by little your actions will become habits. Developing good habits is what will make or break your progress. It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. Nothing worthwhile in life ever came easy. No excuses. Seriously, just do it.

5. Stay Positive

That about says it all. If you need some motivation or positivity listen to Joel Osteen or download The Daily Boost podcast. Whatever you do don’t let negativity come anywhere near you. Push it away with positive thoughts, and positive affirmations. You can totally do this. Embrace the power of positivity.


Let me know if these 5 key steps to being successful have helped you and if you do something different to hold yourself accountable to being successful.

What are your thoughts?