5 Key Steps To Being Successful


1. Identify Your Goal

Are you working towards a financially stable income and comfortable lifestyle, losing weight, running a marathon, climbing Mt. Everest? Figure out what you’re doing. Break that goal down into smaller goals and keep doing it until those goals become achievable today instead of x amount months or days down the road. Need help breaking down your goals and creating a plan? Click here.

2. Connect With Your “Why”

Why is this goal important to you? If you don’t get the feels when you answer that question you need to dig deeper until you become so emotionally connected and passionate about why you are working towards that goal that you maintain your stamina to keep pressing forward regardless of the obstacles in your path.

3. Understand Your Personality

Take a D.I.S.C. personality test. It will help you better understand your personality so you know how to motivate yourself. A D personality is motivated by seeing other people achieve that goal and it drives them to achieve it too, an I personality is motivated by rewards and prizes, an S personality is motivated by praise, and a C personality is motivated by stability and routine.

4. Become Self-Disciplined

Start small and build your routine day by day. Stick to your schedule and little by little your actions will become habits. Developing good habits is what will make or break your progress. It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. Nothing worthwhile in life ever came easy. No excuses. Seriously, just do it.

5. Stay Positive

That about says it all. If you need some motivation or positivity listen to Joel Osteen or download The Daily Boost podcast. Whatever you do don’t let negativity come anywhere near you. Push it away with positive thoughts, and positive affirmations. You can totally do this. Embrace the power of positivity.


Let me know if these 5 key steps to being successful have helped you and if you do something different to hold yourself accountable to being successful.

Favorite Apps for Productivity

apps for productivityWe have our phones on us at all times. They are our sidekicks, trusty pals, loyal companions. As such, it should be their number one job to keep us on task with our lives. Here are some of my favorite apps that have helped increase productivity in my life. If you don’t have them you should get them and if you have them you should definitely start using them.

calendar app


What is a girl to do without her trusty planner? My calendar app is something I use all the time to keep me in check with day to day events, meetings, and appointments. It’s a must if you’re constantly on the go and need something to refresh your memory as things come up.

Reminders app


Listography is my life. I’m constantly making lists and setting reminders in my phone of things I need to do as they come up. The best part about it is that you can set a time for your phone to ‘remind’ you of each task when needed.

evernote app


In conjunction with my reminders sometimes I need a permanent list to check things off of or have some random stroke of genius I need to jot down or a word blurb flowing through my head that I just don’t want to lose. My virtual notepad is where all of the magic happens. It’s like my brain threw up on my phone.

afterlight app


This is by far my favorite photo editing app. I love the control over the levels as well as the wide selection of filters, borders, and effects. There are so many different things you can do and unleash your creativity with. It really makes my photo editing fun and easy.

noom coach app

Noom Coach

I just got a Fitbit. And I love it. So to be honest, right now, I’m not using Noom Coach as much. But I love the easy tracking and recording system it has for exercise and food – the community and tips as well. If you’re looking for a great altogether health and nutrition guide/tracker check out Noom Coach (and maybe looking into getting a Fitbit because they’re awesome!).

podcast addict

Podcast Addict

My boyfriend got me hooked on podcasts. I love that I have a way to be poured into whether that’s listening to something motivational like the Daily Boost podcast, learning about something spiritually with Theology Unplugged, or increasing my knowledge about marketing and the blogging world with Elise Gets Crafty and The Marketing Lifestyle Show. It’s an enjoyable way to pass time while driving or play in the background while you’re working.

Mint App


Do you struggle with maintaining a budget? Remembering when your bills are due? This is me. And Mint is my saving grace. I let them know when my upcoming bills are, what my budget is, and it allows me to connect my banking account and track my spending conveniently categorizing it to match my budget. It also sends me reminders via text and email to let me know what upcoming bills I have and when I need to pay them.

retail me not app

Retail Me Not

I’m a thrifty peson. I love thrift stores, garage sales, Salvation Army. I’m cool with buying things used. But how much better is it when you get something brand new at an awesome discount? Retail Me Not let’s you know when you’re by a store that has coupons or deals available. You can also go in and search for the store you’re shopping at to see if and what their current coupons are.

gas buddy app

Gas Buddy

I’m one of those people who has a favorite gas station and never goes any place else. For me, it’s Speedway, but sometimes I get myself into a jam and I need gas ASAP when there’s no Speedway in sight. I look to my good ol’ trusty gas buddy to find me the nearest and cheapest gas station. It also tells me where my nearest Speedway is. And in case you’re wondering why I like Speedway, let me tell you … 1. They don’t charge me extra for using a card at the pump. 2. They always seem to have the lowest gas prices. 3. They are pretty much everywhere so I don’t find myself needing to use Gas Buddy too often. 4. THE POINTS! (No, this is not an ad for Speedway … I’m just very passionate about where I buy my gasoline apparently.)

mapquest app


I’ve tried Maps on the iPhone. I’ve tried Google maps. I’ve been frustrated with them both. MapQuest is my GPS and my BFF. It’s the only map app that has been user friendly for me. I like the interface and layout of it. And can we just pause for a second to think about how cool it is that we have GPS on our phones so we don’t have to go out and buy a Garmin. Yeah, that’s cool. I also like that I can be a unicorn or a retro 60s Volkswagen van. Who doesn’t want to be a unicorn on any given day of the week? If only the trail for your destination was like a rainbow or magical unicorn dust. Come on MapQuest, let’s get an update!

Well, there you have it! My favorite apps for productivity. Hopefully these apps inspire you to be more productive and purpose filled. What apps did I miss? Which ones do you use to be more productive?

Metro Modern & City Sophisticate Fall Makeup Looks

cityscape looks

You are hitting the city and want a hot new look during these up and coming fall nights. You have a choice between the edgy metro modern or the flirty city sophisticate fall makeup looks. Double the look for the double the venture. Watch, try, live. See you on the streets.

Metro Modern Look

MK Metro Modern Eye Palette

MK Naturally Chic Lip Creme

MK Brush Collection

MK Smudger Brush

MK Black Eyeliner

MK Black Lash Love Mascara

MK Ripe Watermelon Cheek Color Duo (Highlighter)

MK Light/Medium Bronzing Powder

MK Cherry Blossom Mineral Cheek Color

City Sophisticate Look

MK City Sophisticate Eye Palette

MK Berry Stylish Lip Creme

MK Brush Collection

MK Smudger Brush

MK Black Eyeliner

MK Black Lash Love Mascara

MK Ripe Watermelon Cheek Color Duo (Highlighter)

MK Light/Medium Bronzing Powder

MK Cherry Blossom Mineral Cheek Color

I’m also wearing in this video …

Berry Stylish Nail Polish

Watch my Cityscape Product Review video to see how you can enter the GIVEAWAY (ending 10/31).


Roaring Twenties Gatsby Look

gatsby look

Last week hosted the first annual Detroit Gatsby Lawn Party and let me tell you … it was so much fun to dress up from the twenties and see so many other people indulging in the spirit of that era.

gatsby dancing

gatsby painter

gatsby picnic

gatsby couple

gatsby lawn party

gatsby look




You can check out the Roaring Twenties Gatsby Look video tutorial below that I made for my Gatsby inspired hair and makeup from the event.


Mary Kay Foundation Primer

Benefit POREfessional

Mary Kay Time Wise Matte Liquid Foundation Ivory 3

NYX Color Correcting Concealer Palette

Mary Kay Mineral Foundation Powder Ivory 2

Mineral Foundation Brush

NYX Contouring Palette

Mary Kay Sunny Spice Mineral Cheek Color

Mary Kay Eye Primer

Mary Kay Cityscape Metro Modern Eye Palette (Limited Edition!!)

Brush Collection

Eye Smudger Brush

Mary Kay Black Eyeliner

Mary Kay Steely Eyeliner

Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara (BLK)

Mary Kay Clear Lip Liner

Avon Red Brick D450 Lip Liner

Mary Kay Cityscape Oh So Currant Lip Creme (Limited Edition!!)

Mary Kay Sparkle Berry Nourishine Lip Gloss


Dove Refresh and Care Dry Shampoo

Not Your Mother’s Hairspray


Flapper Dress

I love the 20s! What decade is your favorite to dress up for?

Cityscape Mary Kay Fall 2015 Product Review and Giveaway

Mary Kay Cosmetics Cityscape Fall Line Product Review

I’m so in love with the classy and simplistic vibes the 2015 Cityscape Mary Kay fall line gives off. I’m having so much fun playing with colors and creating looks for you guys. Check out the video below to see all of the products in a more personal way and find out how you can win the GIVEAWAY (yay!!).

All of the makeup products from the Mary Kay Cityscape Fall 2015 Collection:

> His Cologne

Hers Perfume

> His Hair and Body Wash

> Hers Silkening Shower Gel

> Silkening Dry Oil Mist

Garden Terrace Nail Polish

Berry Stylish Nail Polish

Gallery Gray Nail Polish

Naturally Chic Lip Shine

Oh So Currant Lip Shine

Berry Stylish Lip Shine

City Sophisticate Eye Palette

Metro Modern Eye Palette

Give Away Rules:
Must be located in the United States
Must be 18 years older
1. Share this video
2. Follow me on Twitter (@amandagloth)
3. Comment on this video telling me what your favorite product is

I will announce the winner on November 1st if this video has 2,000 views by October 31st.


The Majestical Inside of the Grand Hotel

I’ve always wondered what the inside of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island looked like. After Somewhere In Time, it’s always had a mysterious quality about it that made me want to experience it for myself, but with the slightly outrageous prices to stay there or for that matter even to dine or tour the place I never had the opportunity … until this summer. So, if you’ve always wondered what mysteries the Grand Hotel holds inside, I’ve documented some of my favorite parts to give you an inside peek.



Words of Affirmation


We live in a world that is broken because we are a broken people. We became focused so much on ourselves we tore other people down in order to build ourselves up. As a result, this war of humanity made us just as vulnerable as the next person. We weren’t just the one dishing out the next blow, but we were also the one receiving it. When will we realize that we are just hurting ourselves every time we say or do something that is unkind? It’s time to think before we speak and think before we do. As we venture into a hope filled future, we must journey within ourselves to identify the pain and brokenness that makes us who we are. We have to acknowledge that we are more than that. So much more. It’s time to take back our true identity, heal and mend our wounds, and begin the process of growth and change in ourselves so we can end this war. Our destiny is defined by our values. Our values are defined by our habits. Our habits are defined by our actions. Our actions are defined by our words. I challenge you to start with words … words of affirmation that you will tell yourself everyday until they become actions, habits, values, and eventually your destiny.  Use the photographs in this post as wallpapers on your phone to remind you of encouraging truths every day. If you aren’t hearing these truths from yourself or other people in your life, know that I will be the one to remind you everyday … and so will God. The Bible is filled with these encouraging truths to remind us.








Honey-Ginger Harvest Salad

So if I’m being honest, I’m kind of in love with the harvest salad from Quiznos. I decided to make it at home and switch it up a little bit.


  • 1 Can of Albacore Tuna (you can use chicken if you prefer)
  • Handful of Dried Cranberries
  • Handful of Pumpkin Seeds
  • 1 appl cut up into small pieces
  • Romain or Spring Mix Lettuce
  • Honey Mustard
  • Bragg Ginger and Sesame Salad Dressing

After draining the tuna, mix it and the apple pieces in honey mustard.

You can add that on top of your romain lettuce, start tossing on the dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds, and drizzle the ginger and sesame dressing on top. Voila! You know me, quick, simple, and delicious. That’s how I roll.

Do you like the harvest salad from Quiznos? What do you think about this twist on the salad?

My Favorite Place in the World

Despite my little heart’s longings, I haven’t had the opportunity to do too much traveling in my life. As a result, I’ve had to resort to meandering around my home state to find hidden treasures. I’d venture to say Cranbrook is my favorite place in the world … at least so far. There are just so many surprises that you can stumble across as you walk through the hidden trails in the woods.

A school, art museum, and science museum surround the nature and are decorated with statues of centaurs and cherubs, ageless ivy, and beautiful foutains. When you discover the tea house, you’ll feel as if you’ve walked into a European garden or perhaps even Wonderland.

Other surprises include a greek ampitheatre and oriental garden, but some of the most special are the little pieces of nature that you newly come across each visit depending on the season and time.

Maybe it’s a mushroom hiding in a tree hole or finally getting to share a piece of you with the one you love and demonstrate it for anyone walking by to see. Nothing could be better than that. Thanks for letting me share my little photo adventure with you. You can check out more of my photography from Cranbrook here.